CallMiner: Getting Started with Customer Journey Mapping

By Robert Stanley, Sr. Manager, Marketing Operations for CallMiner

Customer journey mapping is an important step in gaining an understanding of how your prospects and customers interact with your company from the initial contact to engagement, purchase, and beyond. But in the age of digital media, there are myriad channels through which a prospect can be introduced to a new business, various points through which they can engage and interact with companies, and even multiple means for purchasing products or services in some cases. That makes customer journey mapping all the more important, because the path to purchase is no longer a simple, straight road.

But what should you know if you’re embarking on customer journey mapping for the first time? If you’re not an experienced pro at mapping the customer journey, the process can become overwhelming, and you might end up with a customer journey map that falls short of painting the full picture.

To help you become a mapping master, we reached out to a panel of marketing professionals and customer experience experts and asked them to lend their expertise by weighing in on this question:

“What do businesses need to take into consideration when getting started with customer journey mapping?”

Mark Paetz, Director of Quality Assurance at Higher Ed Growth, was one of the featured Marketing and Customer Experience Experts.

“Everything comes back to the customer experience, and a positive experience starts with engagement along crucial points in the buyer’s journey. One of the best ways for businesses to do this? Make sure to have the right technology in place. It’s important to have tools that will monitor the many channels that customers choose to use, capture user behavior and provide in-depth analysis, allowing the company to continually improve the experience — like reducing call handle times. It’s a sure way to identify and address the common pain points for your specific audience. In addition, with select functions now automated, these tools often shift and redefine traditional team member roles and require departments to collaborate differently. So, proper on-boarding with clearly defined expectations is a must.”

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IPv6 and Lead Generation: Why You Could be Missing Leads

There’s an important link between IPv6 and lead generation – one that’s often missed in the industry. IPv6 is the new Internet Protocol that everyone should know. It is taking over for IPv4 since the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) ran out of available addresses in 2015. The new protocol has gained significant adoption – most websites post 2015 are utilizing IPv6 – but it is often forgotten in lead funnels.

Why does this matter? If an organization isn’t accepting both IPv4 and IPv6, it can have a major impact on whether all available leads are being captured. It means many leads are being missed.

Learn why this is especially important in the Higher Education space, why marketers need to act now and much, much more in the infographic below.

IPv6 and lead generation


New Strategies for Reaching Enrollment Goals and Student Outcomes

student outcomesNew degree pathways have proven successful for schools and students alike. For schools, newly developed programs help institutions reach different student populations, foster continued engagement throughout college careers and generate more positive student outcomes. On the other hand, students can take advantage of new degree programs that meet their unique needs and often offer more for their Higher Ed dollar.

What recruitment tools are schools using? How can personalized learning programs help? And why do articulation agreements matter? Learn all of the answers and more in our latest piece on LeadsCon.

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Court Cases & Rulings that Changed Compliance in 2016

complianceLike other legislative areas, compliance regulations surrounding the higher education industry are undergoing a period of change. What’s to come is still unknown; however, there’s much inquiry generators can learn from 2016 decisions. In fact, there are a few key cases and rulings that every EDU marketer should review in an effort to stay ahead. In one recent case, for example, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) strongly emphasized the need to provide “solid evidence” behind marketing claims, especially those targeting prospective students. While this has always been important, this case in particular has a lasting impact on advertising and data use.

Learn more about the rulings influencing affiliate marketing, online privacy, penalties for FTC Act violations, and more. Our latest piece on LeadsCon tackles the cases, where regulations might be going and how to enhance transparency.

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The Basics of Remaining Compliant in the World of Lead Generation

lead generation


From new revenue opportunities to bolstered credibility, business partnerships can open up a world of advantages to those in lead generation. However, such partnerships can also open a business up to risk. It’s important to perform due diligence.

There are many ways to navigate this territory and ensure that a partnership will meet business needs – and compliance. The first step usually involves some basic research, including: How long has the prospective partner been operating? Who are their current partners? Any recent announcements? Information from third parties, like the press, can also provide a different perspective and reveal how the public views the partner in question. And lastly, but most importantly, has the partner ever had any compliance violations? Any changes to regulations that would make the lead generation partner a risky choice?

Learn where to find the answers to these questions and how to best assess risk before entering into a new partnership agreement in our latest piece on LeadsCouncil.

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Listen 2016: Customer Engagement Building Momentum

CallMiner Listen 2016

The Higher Ed Growth team joined other customer engagement leaders earlier this month for CallMiner Listen 2016.

This was HEG’s third year at the event, and this year’s conference nearly doubled in size. Much of this growth can be attributed to the growing demand for deep engagement analytics and a better understanding of end-user behavior.




According to Listen 2016, it can also be attributed to the concept of “building.” A common thread throughout the event, learn what it means to build the right engagement team and build proper scores. And why it’s important to build relationships with other industry leaders.

Read the full article and all of our takeaways on CallMiner’s Engagement Optimization:

6 Ways Consumer Intent Data Impacts Conversions

consumer intent data


Consumer intent data is often discussed when it comes to meeting compliance. However, this data is also highly useful to marketers, as well. The more a business is able to track the lead life cycle, the more it can learn about a prospective customer’s behavior and potential next steps.



In other words, it’s not only important to capture and understand consumer intent data for compliance reasons, it can also help increase conversions. Learn how intent relates to lead quality, call handle times, resource allocation, customer experience, and more.

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Higher Ed Trend: Business-University Partnerships for Better Student Outcomes

Business-University PartnershipsThe recent news surrounding for-profit institutions has only reinforced the need for transparency in the postsecondary education sector. It’s also a good time to take a closer look at the many institutions innovating in this space and finding new ways to drive better outcomes. One model proving effective is the business–university partnership. It is essentially closing the gap between higher education and the workplace.


Learn the organizations leading the way and how these partnerships can be advantageous for higher education recruitment, marketing, education, transparency, retention and repayment. In other words, learn how it can drive better student outcomes.

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ICMI: Proven Ways to Lead Change in the Contact Center

Lead Change in the Contact Center

Higher Ed Growth and EduMaximizer participate in a weekly Twitter discussion with thought leaders and innovators in the contact center community; it is hosted by the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI). “Leading Change in the Contact Center” was a recent topic, and discussion points centered around how organizations decide on new technology, communicate changes to the internal teams, and drive agent buy-in and engagement.

You can read some of the top tips chosen by ICMI, including one from EduMaximizer, on their website:

Be sure to also join in ICMI’s contact center conversation Tuesdays at 1 p.m. ET using hashtag #ICMIchat.

Call Recording Best Practices for Contact Centers

call recording best practicesFrom capturing critical lead data to minimizing risk, there are many reasons for contact centers to utilize call recording services. The information gleaned from these calls can greatly improve lead quality and, in turn, conversion rates. However, for those in the higher education industry, it’s important that call recording processes comply with the FCC, TCPA, local, and state laws. Is consent required? How long should recordings be kept? What is a contact center responsible for in the event of an audit?



Learn the answers to these questions and more in our latest piece on LeadsCon:

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