EduMaximizer Troubleshooting

In order to better serve you, the EduMaximizer Team at Higher Ed Growth has put together a list of items for diagnosing technology errors and issues. Please send as much information as possible to so that the issue can be identified and fixed quickly.


The 7 Troubleshooting Steps 

  1. Ask any agents experiencing the issue to launch and record any errors that show.
  2. Share the Visitor ID and Campaign ID provided at the bottom of the EduMaximizer portal (Double click on the Visitor ID to easily copy this information).
  3. Share the exact wording of the error message. (Please note: the error screen with the dinosaur always has a generic error message. There is no need to copy the text on this screen, other than the VisitorID).
  4. Provide the lead information (email, phone, etc.) or the pre-populated URL that was entered into a form that produced an error.
  5. Note which part of the form is resulting in errors.
  6. Provide a detailed description of the error and the steps taken to produce it.
    • Can the error be reproduced?
    • Does clearing cache/cookies/history/restarting the browser fix the error? If it does fix the issue, the problem is most likely browser-related and considered a glitch.
  7. Include which browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) the error was produced on.


Please send the above troubleshooting information to


Important When Testing Forms for Errors: 

  1. Use “test” for testing forms. (First Name: Test, Last Name: Test, Email:
  1. Never enter real information when testing a form – if you do, our filters will not catch it and it will be sent to the client.


Reasons for What You Could Be Experiencing

The EduMaximizer tool pulls data from many different third party sources and APIs, which is why it is the most powerful and comprehensive inquiry generation technology in the EDU marketplace. It also means there could be different reasons for what you may be experiencing.

It may be an error on our end. It may also be an external issue, including:

  • Data warehouse updating
  • Internet outages or CDN outages from a major network
  • One of our many partner APIs
  • Plug-ins and ad blockers


Our team has decades of experience and knows how to test for each one of these situations. Your insights can help us quickly diagnose any issue and we’re confident we’ll have answers and resolutions to any potential inquiry. Thank you for taking the time to provide valuable troubleshooting information.

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