Infographic: Top Online Degrees, Certifications & Today’s Distance Learner

Workforce trends are changing at lightning speed as technology advances. Postsecondary students and current employees must keep pace, and higher education can help propel them forward in new ways.

This progression, however, may not look like the traditional degree path of the past. EDU institutions are rethinking programs and building upon (or in many ways, breaking) the traditional four-year mold to meet quickly changing student and employer needs.

Online degrees are proving to be one of the most successful alternative pathways, and this phenomenon is reflected in data. Higher Ed Growth’s SIMPLE solutions and technologies have captured enrollment data from hundreds of its postsecondary institution clients nationwide for the 2017-2018 school year. Here are the top online degrees and trends, as well as a look at how distance learning addresses the nontraditional student of today and the workforce of the future. Click the infographic below to enlarge. 


online degrees 2018 HEG Infographic

A Look into the Status and Impact of the Higher Education Act

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