The SIMPLE Solution - Streamlined Inquiry Management Process for Leads in Education

With decades of experience in higher education marketing and industry regulations, Higher Ed Growth has developed SIMPLE to manage the entire lead generation process for schools of all sizes. It’s a strategic and streamlined approach to exceeding enrollment goals and offers many advantages. Most importantly, it frees up critical internal resources. Marketing teams can spend more time on growth-related objectives and enrollment representatives can focus primarily on converting qualified leads.
  • Work with one point of contact
  • Ensure full marketing compliance
  • Increase lead quality and conversions
  • Enjoy a dedicated team of experts
  • Boost efficiency with fully managed lead generation channels
  • Decrease marketing costs, including cost-per-lead and cost-per-conversion
  • Experience total transparency – know the source and price of each lead
  • Expand your network of marketing channels

The SIMPLE Solution to Lead Management


SIMPLE One-Point Communication & Control

Our higher education partners interface with one dedicated inquiry management expert and enjoy the knowledge, experience and swiftness of an entire team behind them. This means a quick conversation or touch of a button can manage, pause, change, or optimize campaigns. Schools retain complete control.

Regain control with the ability to remove & block:

  • Individual agent IDs
  • URLs
  • Sub-affiliate IP addresses
  • Foreign IP addresses

SIMPLE Transparency & Total Visibility

Schools often only see surface-level data for their leads. There’s a great deal of data missing — unseen and unused. We not only utilize the most sophisticated tools on the market to dive deeper, but we share the entire process — down to the call centers and data providers — with our partners. With access to the source and price of each lead, it’s full visibility into funnels.


SIMPLE Call Monitoring & Compliance

Higher education partners benefit from a unique and powerful combination of industry-leading technologies — EduMaximizer, CallMiner, Call Criteria, and more — to ensure full marketing compliance from start to finish. Calls are monitored, transcribed, recorded, stored, and analyzed. From monitoring for proper consent to appropriate qualifying questions, it’s a foolproof way to safeguard a school’s brand, boost lead quality and maintain compliance.

Ensure compliant scripts & agent activities:

  • Correct procedures
  • TCPA disclosures
  • Violation flagging
  • Scoring services for lead data & school results
  • Quality Assurance, recording & compliance

SIMPLE Technology & Business Intelligence

Superior business intelligence can’t happen with stale data. SIMPLE higher education partners get the advantage of the most advanced analytics tools and team in the industry. This means actionable data with near real-time updates and the ease of a single system. Quickly move through millions of rows of enrollment data. Drill down to the most granular level. It’s smarter decision-making and the ability to move faster than the competition.

Do more with your leads:

  • Manage campaigns
  • Customizable reporting
  • Monitor & make optimizations
  • Identify & quickly correct issues
  • Track visitor IPs, browsers, landing pages, LeadiD, SubIDs and allocations
  • Tracking & scoring with industry-leading integrations

The SIMPLE choice for your lead management needs. Contact us today for a consultation.

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