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Higher Ed Growth merges innovation, experience and technology to deliver targeted enrollment prospects to education clients. Our partnership methodology includes complete transparency and consistent communication to ensure the highest levels of compliance and success.

Introducing: The SIMPLE Solution – Streamlined Inquiry Management Process for Leads in Education.
With its extensive experience in higher education marketing, Higher Ed Growth has developed SIMPLE to manage the entire lead generation process for schools. It’s a strategic approach to exceeding enrollment goals while maintaining full compliance and transparency. Schools benefit from a team of dedicated inquiry management experts, industry-leading technologies and the most advanced analytics tools in the industry.


  • Work with a dedicated point of contact
  • Ensure full compliance
  • Experience total transparency
  • Increase lead quality and conversions
  • Decrease marketing costs
  • Benefit from industry-leading technologies
  • Receive expert call recording monitoring
  • Expand your network of inquiry channels
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