EduMaximizer is a Higher Ed Growth owned company comprised of market-leading call center and lead generation technology. EduMaximizer offers an expanded suite of products and services for colleges, agencies and lead generation partners.

  • EduMaximizer technology streamlines the EDU inquiry generation process, combining data collection, routing, agent scripting, scoring and search results into one seamless process proven to increase match rates while decreasing call handle times.

  • EduMax Compliance offers full visibility into lead generation funnels and monitors for compliance across all channels.

  • EduMax Managed Services provide full-service campaign management for EDU call centers and agencies, including builds, configurations and updates.

  • EduMax Analytics utilizes a custom reporting suite for actionable data, allowing call centers, schools and agencies to manage and optimize campaigns.

  • EduMax Consulting is a dedicated team of EDU lead generation experts that provide strategies to maximize inquiry quality and revenue.

To learn more about Maximizer’s full suite of services and solutions for EDU lead generation, visit

CECU 2018: Student Success Takes Center Stage

  This op-ed is written by Joe Laskowski, Managing Partner and Chief Marketing Officer of Higher Ed Growth, a full-service agency that specializes in the post-secondary education industry and CECU member. Laskowski was a CECU 2018 speaker. The 2018 CECU Convention & Exposition was held in Orlando in early June, encapsulating everything that the organization […]

Gamification in EDU Contact Centers: Agent Leaderboards

Games have been an integral part of life throughout history as a way to pass the time in an entertaining, engaging and rewarding way. So, what if we took those same game elements and placed a similar structure around tasks to drive desired behavior? Could work become “fun”? Engaging? Drive results? That’s the idea behind […]

Higher Ed Growth Co-founders Named to Sun Devil 100 Class of 2018

Tempe, Ariz. – April 25, 2018 – Two co-founders of Higher Ed Growth (HEG), a leading full-service marketing agency specializing in post-secondary education, were named to the “Sun Devil 100 Class of 2018.” The Sun Devil 100 celebrates the achievements of Arizona State University alumni who own or lead innovative businesses across the globe. Sponsored by the […]